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Preparing a Hot/Cold Meter Usability Study

UX research is a muscle every product designer should be able to flex. Side projects are a great way to refine and understand the research process. Following a process, eliminating bias, practicing empathy, and gaining insights from real users are all skills that grow with practice. We can also share...

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The prototype is only one version of our vision

Creating a prototype is a great approach to starting any software product development project - or any large project for that matter. Having a low-cost rendering gives you a powerful tool to share and test your idea with stakeholders, investors, or potential users. Sharing your progress and gathering feedback is...

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Women in Technology Leadership Summit Recap

Last month, I attended the Women in Technology Leadership Summit, a virtual international conference presented by ComSpark. I have attended a few virtual conferences in light of the last year, each one bringing its own spin on educating, inspiring, and connecting without being in person. The day was jam-packed full...

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Stretching Your Creative Muscles with the Daily UI Challenge

2020 was a big year for me—and pretty much the entire world. Creatively, I spent the first half of it working on a long-running project with a well-established design system and then went on maternity leave. Getting back to work felt overwhelming and I needed to get myself back into...

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The Power of Branding Internal Software

Powerful teams share a purpose, speak the same language, and provide a consistent customer experience. Their team members are the loudest advocates for a product or service. Organizing a large group of unique individuals to all pull on the same side of a rope does not happen by accident. It...

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Fluid Typography, Simplified

Along with responsive design came responsive typography, and now quickly on the rise is the concept of fluid typography. When I first started hearing the term “fluid typography,” my immediate thought was, “What’s that?” So for anyone wondering the same thing, here’s a quick definition: Fluid typography is the idea...

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