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How we’re implementing the GGOB: Profit-Sharing

I’ve long been a fan of the business management and ownership philosophy espoused by Jack Stack in the classic book “The Great Game of Business”. In the book, Jack describes how he grew SRC, a mechanical remanufacturing company, to astounding success by using open-book management principles and teaching every employee...

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Theory of Change: How we tackle the Discovery

I was recently talking with a colleague about our Product Discovery and he introduced me to an old concept I was unfamiliar with: the Theory of Change (ToC). This is a very broad field of study that focuses on outcomes and develops programs to work backward to achieve those results....

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Disruption doesn’t go into lockdown

Innovation is, by definition, a type of disruption. Seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators recognized it as soon as they read the press releases last March - widespread disruption was here, and it would bring immediate change. Conditions that we faced a year ago are never a scheduled event, but come unpredictably...

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Top Line Revenue Growth: The Gaslight Way

In March, we provided a breakdown of our 2020 clients and the business value we impacted by working with them. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of those clients who needed help growing revenue, and how our work helped them achieve their goals. Over 65% of our clients...

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3 mistakes we made in Q1 with our EOS Traction Reboot

Gaslight is using the EOS Traction strategy framework this year and we just did a retro on Q1 2021. Here’s our CEO, Peter, talking through three things we could have improved in our Q1 Traction rollout.

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Women in Technology Leadership Summit Recap

Last month, I attended the Women in Technology Leadership Summit, a virtual international conference presented by ComSpark. I have attended a few virtual conferences in light of the last year, each one bringing its own spin on educating, inspiring, and connecting without being in person. The day was jam-packed full...

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