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CSS-Only Avatar Fallback

Avatars are everywhere—and no, I’m not talking about the blue aliens. I’m talking about the little pictures that show up next to your name when you’re logged into an app or website. They’re even on our phones now, as part of group texts or contact cards. Avatars are super functional...

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How to Change the World

I want to talk about changing the world. While I would like to talk about reducing poverty, suffering, and violence while increasing love, empathy, and joy, those aren’t things we get to work on at Gaslight very often. Still, I believe we change the world with each project we take...

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How we’re implementing the GGOB: Profit-Sharing

I’ve long been a fan of the business management and ownership philosophy espoused by Jack Stack in the classic book “The Great Game of Business”. In the book, Jack describes how he grew SRC, a mechanical remanufacturing company, to astounding success by using open-book management principles and teaching every employee...

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Theory of Change: How we tackle the Discovery

I was recently talking with a colleague about our Product Discovery and he introduced me to an old concept I was unfamiliar with: the Theory of Change (ToC). This is a very broad field of study that focuses on outcomes and develops programs to work backward to achieve those results....

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Disruption doesn’t go into lockdown

Innovation is, by definition, a type of disruption. Seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators recognized it as soon as they read the press releases last March - widespread disruption was here, and it would bring immediate change. Conditions that we faced a year ago are never a scheduled event, but come unpredictably...

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Top Line Revenue Growth: The Gaslight Way

In March, we provided a breakdown of our 2020 clients and the business value we impacted by working with them. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of those clients who needed help growing revenue, and how our work helped them achieve their goals. Over 65% of our clients...

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