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Disruption doesn’t go into lockdown

Innovation is, by definition, a type of disruption. Seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators recognized it as soon as they read the press releases last March - widespread disruption was here, and it would bring immediate change. Conditions that we faced a year ago are never a scheduled event, but come unpredictably...

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Top Line Revenue Growth: The Gaslight Way

In March, we provided a breakdown of our 2020 clients and the business value we impacted by working with them. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of those clients who needed help growing revenue, and how our work helped them achieve their goals. Over 65% of our clients...

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3 mistakes we made in Q1 with our EOS Traction Reboot

Gaslight is using the EOS Traction strategy framework this year and we just did a retro on Q1 2021. Here’s our CEO, Peter, talking through three things we could have improved in our Q1 Traction rollout.

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Women in Technology Leadership Summit Recap

Last month, I attended the Women in Technology Leadership Summit, a virtual international conference presented by ComSpark. I have attended a few virtual conferences in light of the last year, each one bringing its own spin on educating, inspiring, and connecting without being in person. The day was jam-packed full...

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2020 Case Studies by the Numbers

We came into 2021 knowing that more and more companies urgently need help hitting the software milestones on their strategic plans. Startups need to get to revenue ASAP in order to prove their idea. Established companies know that if they’re not innovating, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll...

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You're Here and You Want to Be There

Over the last 18 months, we’ve worked with half a dozen different clients in the early, concept stages of their start-ups. All were embarking on the journey of product development, but they were each in different stages of the process and were approaching it from different directions. Over the years,...

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