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5 Reasons Why HTML And CSS Are The Best Tools For Rapid Prototyping

Though this is just one stubborn designer’s opinion, nothing can beat HTML & CSS for prototyping an application. I have spent many years designing interfaces for software, websites, apps, etc. and the one thing that I feel confident about from my years of experience is that rapid prototyping belongs in...

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Weekly UI #6: Subscribe

GET HYPED. This week I say a few things I regret and a lot of things I don’t as I walk through a subscribe call to action. The topic at hand? Coffee, coffee, coffee. Is it weird how excited I get about coffee, yet I don’t drink it. Except for...

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Weekly UI #5: Mobile Boarding Pass

“Good afternoon passengers, we are now boarding zone 1.” Imagine we are going on a plane trip. We hope to have a seamless boarding experience at the airport with this boarding pass design. I’ll talk through the organization of information and touch on some color theory. This is an example...

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Weekly UI #4: Location Tracker

Week 004 and we’re tracking your location. (Hypothetically, of course!) Follow along as I work through Daily UI 020 Prompt: Location Tracker. Remember Bus Detective? I use the app whenever I take the bus to work. We have some wishlist items that we want to add to make it better...

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's Haley Moore

As we continue working remotely through stay-at-home orders of COVID-19, we’re staying connected with some virtual fireside chats to learn and share more about each other. Today, get to know Haley Moore!

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Weekly UI #3: Music Profile

It is week three of this Weekly UI series. This time I’m walking through Day 19’s prompt: Design a Music Player. It felt fitting to follow up last week’s artist profile with another music-themed interface, eh? This week you won’t get any vocal performances, but you will get to see...

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