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Gaslight has experienced product development teams to help your business reach its goals.

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Every step together is transparent so that our clients are in the best position to make good decisions.

We incorporate our clients and their teams into our workflow and process, providing a real-time understanding of the project’s progress. We ship software valuable features to our clients every week and build trust by educating our clients, telling the truth, and delivering value.

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Agile Development Solutions

"Agile" is officially a buzz word, and everyone has their own variation of it. So, what do we mean when we say, "We're an agile shop!" Great question. We realize that we all start at an entry level at the beginning of a project, and we will only get smarter as it goes on. That's why we don't waste our time with "big design" up front, and value being able to pivot our approach as we move forward. Pretty smart, huh?

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UX Design and Research

You can build software to solve a problem, but have you really solved the problem if your users don't experience the solution? We think the answer here is a strong no. If your users can't easily accomplish what they want, it doesn't matter how much code you write. We want to get inside the users' mind, understand what they need, and then allow them to do it in the most efficient and intuitive way possible. Because if your users ain't happy, nobody's happy...

Our teams are created to maximize efficiency and communication.

Our thoughtfully assembled teams include designers, developers, and clients, which improves innovation, enhances creativity and reduces rework. Each team works on only one project at a time, to ensure focus and engagement.

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Gaslight isn’t your typical code shop.

We value collaboration above all else, and we ask our clients to work elbow-to-elbow, day after day, with a handpicked team of designers, developers and engineers. Because when we work for you, we expect you to work with us. That investment comes with perks, though...

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