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Weekly UI #9: Recipe

Don’t you just love the smell of freshly baked cookies? This week’s prompt is to design a recipe. I chose to do that for a cooking blog and chose a recipe of my favorite, easy (literally the easiest) peanut butter cookies! This week we focus on letting the content be...

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Remote Discovery Work:Tips and tricks for the remote transition

The most effective way to begin solving any problem, discovery is important, collaborative work that helps us to move forward into design and development with confidence. It’s the time at the beginning of any custom software project where the team gets acclimated; better understands the goal to be accomplished, better...

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Weekly UI #8: Testimonial

This week’s Weekly UI is to design a testimonial. My take? A testimonial you’d find on a marketing site for a greenhouse. I play on the organic shapes and visual texture of a greenhouse and talk color palette, form, and more. Give it a watch and then design one yourself!!...

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's LiveDeck Crew

Today we have a special edition! With the release of Livedeck we have some of the cofunders of LiveDeck hanging by the virtual fire discussing how Livedeck came about and their favorite parts about building it. Check it out!

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Launching Live Deck Beta: Where Presentations Come Alive

The team at Gaslight has been busy over the past few months. Apart from continuing alongside our clients to create technology that supports their organizations, we have been building something new on our own time. Something we are now ready to share with our development and design community. We would...

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Weekly UI 007: File Upload

Another week, another weekly UI—this time we’re designing a file upload modal. I’ll show you my favorite tool for selecting a color palette and we’ll touch on how to clearly and visually communicate progress status to our users. This kind of user interface is one that we are all used...

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