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How to add autoprefixer to an Elixir Project (with webpack)

As a whole, we’re really beginning to see Phoenix and Elixir gain some serious traction in the market. An increasing number of our projects are utilizing all that it has to offer—it’s really cool to see new technologies begin to take hold and stand on their own, and to be...

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Weekly UI Round Up

I am almost at the end of my Daily UI challenge that I started at the beginning of April. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take the occasional break—100 days is a long time! But, I’ve learned a lot along the way. The biggest thing that I’ll take...

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Weekly UI #13: Press Release

This week’s prompt is to design a press page, so I decided to do that for! We maintain an internal living style guide but have not made any of our resources available to the greater community for no reason other than we just haven’t done it yet. Here is...

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Weekly UI #12: Job Listing

Another week, another look at a potential design enhancement. This time we’re looking at our job listings. In the site redesign, we admittedly didn’t give these screens a lot of love, and it might be time to circle back around. I’ll talk through some of the things that are...

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Weekly UI #11: Info Card

Week eleven in the books and this time I’m designing an info card. Not just any info card, though—mine! Or all of ours, rather. Our website showcases our collective personality well but doesn’t do much to introduce you to us individually. We’re hoping to change that soon and here’s a...

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Weekly UI #10: Fitness Tracker

I, I—I workout! Don’t worry, I don’t sing that song in this week’s video, but I do talk through designing a Workout Tracker. I chose to design an interface that guides users through a core workout, step by step. This week I talk about how to design for a broad...

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