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Is Thoughtless Copy Ruining Your User Experience?

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call to virtually check me in a few days early for a routine medical appointment. After some basic questions about insurance and emergency contacts, the nice woman asked if I’d like to go ahead and pay for a planned test over...

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5 Design Lessons from Midwest UX

The fourth annual Midwest UX was this past weekend in Indianapolis. Gaslight sent myself, Kenny, Lauren, and Ryan to learn more about what we call user experience. There were two tracks at the conference and a variety of topics covered, from technical to theoretical. Here are a few things I...

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The Joy of SVG Animation

CSS animation specifications are still in working draft, which is to say, occasionally temperamental. But while there be dragons, I have a few tips to offer as you journey out and onward into the magical, scaling and lossless land of SVG animation. These are things I picked up while animating...

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How We Designed a Responsive Email Newsletter

A year ago we decided to create an email newsletter for Gaslight. I jumped into MailChimp, modified a template and added a photo at the top. Boom, the Gaslight email newsletter was born. Today we often rack up double the industry averages for both open and click through rates. Since...

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Why Every Designer Should Make Friends With Developers

I have worked pretty closely with developers since I graduated from The School of Advertising Art and started my first job as a web designer. Collaborating with developers has taught me a lot, but I’ve noticed that some designers shy away from working closely with devs. While it’s true that...

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3 Lessons Learned from OFFF Cincinnati

For the third year in a row, Cincinnati was proud host to OFFF. OFFF Cincinnati “ …features some of the world’s biggest names and brightest minds exploring design and technology at this moment - including coders, illustrators and motion graphic designers.” OFFF delivered on that promise and more. Each person...

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