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React and You: A Designer’s Point of View

Have you or a loved one been exposed to React? You may be entitled to psychological compensation. Like most things that begin in isolation, my first React experience withered away in the waves of frustration. This was just the beginning though before I had a support system in place to...

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My Gaslight Design Internship Experience

Before my time at Gaslight, I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the technical skills and practices in the design industry. Boy, was I wrong. In school, we learned about a wide variety of practices such as agile project management, design thinking, and user research but you never...

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Empathy Mapping

Last year I was fortunate enough to attend a leadership retreat hosted by AIGA for chapter leaders across the country. It was three days full of collaboration, with chapters sharing and learning from each other, brainstorming community engagement approaches, and discussing ways to maximize AIGA’s impact. The retreat dedicated a...

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Grad to Gaslighter

Today marks my fourth week of working as a designer at Gaslight. I found Gaslight through a series of Google searches and applied immediately upon finding the website on the Fourth of July. Ever since I got my first email back from our CEO, James, to schedule a first meeting...

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5 Ways to Write Sass That Plays Well With Others

Sass is an excellent tool for front-end designers and developers. It can improve the CSS authoring experience and help you quickly build out your design system. Like any tool, however, it can be misused. When working with teams or working on projects that will be handed off to a client,...

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Agile Design: How to Iteratively Create an Amazing UI

Every web or mobile app has to start somewhere. Your app is not going to begin as the polished UI (user interface) that you’ve seen on dribble or Behance. It starts out simple and evolves over time with the help of experimentation and user testing. There will undoubtedly be some...

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