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MidPoint Does not Disappoint

Cincinnati is a respectable indie rock town. We’ve kind of had a re-surge recently with this Summer’s Bunbury Festival and last weekend’s 2013 MidPoint Music Fest. The beautiful thing about MidPoint is is this feeling of shared discovery. Nobody knows hardly anything about 95% of these bands, the whole event...

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6 Ways to Remove Pain From Feature Testing in Ruby on Rails

Lire cet article en français. Writing feature tests in Ruby on Rails used to be the most painful part of my development work flow. Now I kind of like it. Here’s what’s different: 1. Don’t Use Cucumber Disclaimer: The views expressed in the following paragraph do not necessarily represent those...

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Let's Talk About Reasonable Budgets

As a consultant, I’m often asked to help in the initial stages of a project to estimate “how big is the breadbox”. I completely understand this need. A famous teacher once said, “Don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first getting...

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Better Code Design through Pictures

When I switched from Java development with Eclipse to Ruby and Rails with Vim, one part of my workflow that I missed for quite a while was the visual file browser in my IDE I was so used to seeing. It turns out having a visualization of the directory structure...

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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning wasn’t a concept I had really understood until a few months ago. My wife and I were in search of a better education experience for our son, because we were frustrated with the choices available. During our search something interesting happened. A new school opened in the city...

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Angular + Firebase is RAD

I believe that when developing an application feedback from the product owner is king. I try to optimize this feedback by delivering working features quickly and with as little ceremony as possible. Especially early on. This is one reason I have been so excited about rich client javascript frameworks such...

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