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How to Remove All Elements from a Meteor Collection

Meteor collections have a remove() method. For example, on a Post collection, you can call Post.remove("3WRHexCGhZdSa3H9L") // remove a post with that mongo '_id' Post.remove({title:"How to Blog"}) // remove a post with that title Post.remove({}) // remove every post The catch is that you’re not allowed to call Post.remove({}) from...

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Book Club: Growing Object Oriented Software Guided By Tests

Book Growing Object Oriented Software Guided By Tests Chapters 1-4 Participants mguterl, cdmwebs, pkananen, too_mitch, dougalcorn, joelturnbull, st23am, agilous, kevinrockwood, superchris, heflinao We recently started reading and discussing GOOS as a group. Here’s some high points of the first get together. First, we talked about ubiquitous language. A lot of...

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Playing The Name Game

You just got home from a user group. It was fun. You talked with several long time friends. Best of all, you got to meet a couple new people! What were their names? If you’re like me you probably don’t remember. I am a long time introvert. More than a...

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I Survived Dev Bootcamp

Tyler Shipe is a talented and creative guy, who found himself working a desk job at a financial services company. A self-described child of “geeks”, and increasingly interested in the world of programming, he decided to take the plunge and apply to Chicago’s Dev Bootcamp. We’re really excited by this...

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I Like Pry But...

Everytime I talk about Pry I invariably hear “I like Pry but…”. More specifically, “I like Pry, but I wish I could step”, and “I like Pry, but can’t I do all this in debugger?”. My article is an attempt to squash this, and get more people trying Pry. Let’s...

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The Cincinnati Web Tech Study Group: A Learning Experience

Kenny Glenn is a recent graduate of the inagural Cincinnati Web Tech Study Group, creator of Cincy Ipsum, and a talented and swell guy. We really enjoyed participating in the group from our side. A big thanks to Kenny for graciously providing a recap of the experience from his. A...

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