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I'm speaking at CocoaConf Columbus!

I’m excited to announce I’ll be speaking at CocoaConf Columbus next month. You should totally be there. I’ll be talking about CocoaPods, the awesome iOS dependency management tool. Here’s the full abstract: Dependency Management is one of those things you just shouldn’t have to worry about. Unfortunately, doing iOS and...

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4 Lessons Learned Doing Angular on Rails

We’ve been working on one of our first Angular projects with a Rails backend. It’s been a great experience. I wanted to share a few things we learned that we hope are helpful to others building Angular on Rails apps. Skinny controllers in Angular In the Rails world, “Fat models,...

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Announcing Twallaby!

We’re happy and excited to introduce our newest product, Twallaby! We host QCMerge and couple of technical get-togethers, like the Web Tech Drinkup, here in town. Tweet walls are a pretty standard thing at these kinds of events, but we found the the available services were sorely lacking. Most are...

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Scraping By: Dev Tips for Designers

You are a designer working in web today. Because you make the things pretty, you are used to chucking your designs over the developer wall and leaving it there. Wrong. Any designer worth their salt working in interfaces has to have some basic understanding of how to run a dev...

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Breaking Open Gridlocked Rails Applications

It’s not sexy work, but there are hundreds of companies out there with old gridlocked Rails apps. Developed by people who have moved on, or by intact teams who haven’t put a priority on paying down technical debt. These are companies doing good business but struggling to innovate. You’ll often...

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Why We Wrote a Blog

We just shipped a new version of our blog. It’s a Rails app. It’s not some fancy-pants, johnny-come-lately static site generator. Why on Earth would we do such a thing? Well, it turns out there are several reasons. It’s Rails We write Rails apps everyday. We write them for our...

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