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Agile Process in the COVID-19 Crisis

Things changed overnight for one of our clients and our team. With the call to implement a stay-at-home order came an immediate influx in site traffic and a drastic shift in feature prioritization. The team had to work toward being proactive in this situation as opposed to reactive and work...

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's LiveDeck Crew

Today we have a special edition! With the release of Livedeck we have some of the cofunders of LiveDeck hanging by the virtual fire discussing how Livedeck came about and their favorite parts about building it. Check it out!

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Launching Live Deck Beta: Where Presentations Come Alive

The team at Gaslight has been busy over the past few months. Apart from continuing alongside our clients to create technology that supports their organizations, we have been building something new on our own time. Something we are now ready to share with our development and design community. We would...

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's Scott Wiggins

Day 439201 working remotely and we’re still staying connected with our virtual fireside chats to learn and share more about each other. Today, get to know Scott Wiggins! Find out how he got started with Gaslight.

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The boundless potential of data collection through telematics

I’ve spent the last few months working on a project in the telematics industry, and I’ve learned a lot about this fascinating and increasingly important industry. The term telematics is a combination of telecommunications and informatics. Essentially, we’re talking about using wireless technology to capture information about vehicles. As devices...

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's Alex Heflin

As we continue working remotely we’re staying connected with some virtual fireside chats to learn and share more about each other. Today, get to know Alex Heflin who just celebrated her 7th year with Gaslight!

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