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Sure, we love to geek out over technology and design. But it's all for a bigger purpose - boosting your business. Through development, design and business categories here on our blog - we break down our best practices, what to look for when it comes to software development, and how you can in fact, leverage technology.


What's Chris Nelson Been Up To?

Chris Nelson’s been busy! In early November, Chris gave a talk at Ruby Conf “Machine learning for fun and profit: the story of how my customer wrote my code”. In it, Chris delves into decision trees, when they are appropriate tools, and their implementation in Ruby. In domains that implement...

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Gaslight Podcast #7: Software Project Guidance with Doug Alcorn - Part 2

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this episode, Kevin and I continue our conversation on project guidance with Doug Alcorn. We talk about different approaches to dividing up work and the factors that make certain projects more successful than others. Subscribe with RSS Subscribe with iTunes

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It's all the Gaslighters!

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Portrait of the Artist - Tammy Gambrel

We were all pretty impressed when our “Artist in Residence”, Tammy Gambrel, showed off the work she had been doing with Sketchbook Pro on her iPad. I met Tammy some years ago, but I had never gotten an idea of the depth of her experience, and her diversity of her...

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Using Local Libraries with CocoaPods

We’re big fans of CocoaPods here at Gaslight. We like having dependencies managed for us, source fetched and compiler and linker flags set automatically. We’ve been using a proprietary library called SensibleTableView for building out TableViews quickly in our project. Since it’s proprietary, we can’t just give Cocoapods a podspec...

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Gaslight Podcast #6: Software Project Guidance with Doug Alcorn - Part 1

Your browser does not support the audio element. We sat down with Doug Alcorn to talk about software project… guidance? This week we dive head on into a discussion of what it takes to have a successful software project. We had such a good time riding the rapids and turning...

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