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Mike Albert Fleet Solutions isn’t a new name in the fleet game. They’ve been around for 61 years and remain one of the largest fleet leasing companies in North America, based in Cincinnati. As part of their 2018 technology strategy, Mike Albert is shifting from an internal system improvement focus to providing the “best” overall client experience, where digital and mobile play a major role.

They chose to ultimately outsource this project, due to resource constraints. They liked the Gaslight agile approach, which enables an innovative, “startup” mindset within established companies—a perfect fit for growth-minded companies like Mike Albert. “When we first started, we weren’t sure if we wanted a mobile app or mobile-friendly site,” says Brown. “Thanks to their agile process, Gaslight was able to launch the initiative while keeping both options open to us. Gaslight helped us take a site and wrap it in an app,” says Brown. “It’s an app, but embedded in a browser. Our team is very fluent in web-based apps, so this was an ideal solution—thanks to Gaslight taking the time to understand and meet our specific needs.”


“One of the ideas they pushed was not being afraid to fail. We learned by working with Gaslight that every time we move fast and regroup, we learn something, because we’re getting real feedback. Not to mention, we'll get to ROI even faster.”

Brian Brown

Vice President of IT, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions

A New App and A New Process

Gaslight brought more than great software development to the table; they brought a new level of speed and agility. “They were aggressive in delivering more quickly to our clients than we were even comfortable,” says Brown.

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Mike Albert’s willingness to adopt this mindset resulted in great value. For example, one of the early challenges was an inconsistent authentication model for end users. “In 95% of apps, login includes email,” Brown says. “But 15 years ago, it didn’t.” Learning from those who could log in significantly accelerated feedback. Now, all of Mike Albert’s initiatives follow the agile mindset, whether technical or not. Though IT has been doing this for awhile, it’s permeating everywhere.

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Part of Gaslight’s process also included new perspective: tech projects aren’t just developed, they’re created. That means a designer is fully integrated in the process—critical to customer experience. Without a designer on staff, Mike Albert’s project outcomes often produced effective and efficient tools but lacked a feeling of excitement and creativity. The new mobile app gave Mike Albert early insights about the power of visually managing a technical initiative.

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Now, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has a brand new mobile app that customers love. But perhaps more importantly, their customer experience is built on new and progressive technology and they’ve adopted company-wide internal processes and perspectives that will have long-reaching impacts. By partnering with Gaslight, Mike Albert has laid the foundation for ongoing innovation as they continue address every layer of their customer experience.

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