A Software Overhaul That Drives Business Results

Automotive | Lumbee Enterprises

Lumbee Enterprises specializes in quality control for the automotive manufacturing industry. The company works with such clients as BMW, Volkswagen, Caterpillar and Volvo Truck to inspect or re-work 20 million parts a year. We partnered with Lumbee to overhaul a web-based software application that runs the entire business. This software follows every single project from kick-off to status reports to the final invoice.

The Power of Team Development

Lumbee worked with a solo developer to build this app over four years. With a team of developers and designers, Gaslight made significant improvements in just 12 weeks. These software upgrades improved Lumbee’s productivity, profits and client relationships.

“Gaslight is a partner because they really, truly understand the issues we’re trying to overcome to help our customers.”

Fran Coughlin

Partner at Lumbee Enterprises

Lumbee App Before
Data took days to appear in the app
Available only to Lumbee employees
Slow page load times hurt productivity
Only ran on desktop or laptop computers
Out-of-date code
Lumbee App After
Real-time business results available 24/7
Enabled client access for better workflow
A 75% improvement in page load times
Mobile friendly for on-the-go access
Updated code = increased security

Spending a Development Budget Where It Counts Most

Gaslight builds custom software, but we know that custom isn’t always the best—or only—solution. For this app, we leveraged open-source code to create off-the-shelf solutions for certain parts of the software. This allowed us to create bigger business results with less time and money. Before writing a line of code, we took the time to learn how Lumbee works and what business goals the company wanted to accomplish. Then we focused our custom development time on the features that mattered most.

The Technology

We built this Web-based application with Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js. Plus, we moved the app from a single server in the client’s office to Heroku. This cloud-based platform allows the app to scale with business demands. It also eliminates the headaches of server maintenance.