Custom Software to Manage the SUBWAY® Card Program

Restaurant | Independent Purchasing Cooperative

IPC is an independent purchasing cooperative owned by SUBWAY® franchisees. The company does everything from negotiate lower prices for goods and services to improve quality and competitiveness for SUBWAY® franchisee members.

We teamed up with IPC to create a custom web-based software application that manages the creation of more than 152 million SUBWAY® spending/gifting cards each year. The new software we created supports the operation of the SUBWAY gift card program, which allows consumers to load money and earn loyalty.

“We can now accomplish in two days what used to take twelve.”

Erin Wood

SUBWAY® Card Program Manager, IPC

Bringing Start-Up Speed to Enterprise Software Development

To quickly develop the software, we turned to Ruby, a popular programming language among tech start-ups that allows for faster development. The Gaslight team integrated Ruby into IPC’s Java infrastructure with JRuby.

This also allowed the team to leverage Ruby on Rails, a framework for building web-based applications in Ruby.

Traditional Software Development
High custom development costs
Each software feature takes days or weeks to develop
Ruby on Rails
Lower costs by leveraging pre-built, open-source code
Individual software features created as quickly as a few hours

Teaching While Building

Since we worked directly with IPC’s internal development team, we were able to provide training in Ruby, Ruby on Rails and JRuby as we developed the software. This provided lasting benefits for IPC’s future development projects.