Replacing an Aging Work Order Management System

Manufacturing | E-BEAM Services, Inc.

E-BEAM Services was on a growth trajectory, but the company’s aging software couldn’t keep up. The team needed a modern work order management system to boost productivity, reduce overhead, add visibility to production, and power growth.

A leader in the contract electron beam processing industry, E-BEAM uses high power electron accelerators to irradiate client goods. Their electron beam technology is used for medical device sterilization and is also used to improve the performance of a broad range of industrial materials by enabling crosslinking and rheology control of polymers.

Gaslight kicked off the project with a deep dive discovery process, learning how orders moved from goods arriving at the warehouse to being grouped under the beam to sending invoices to clients. Next the team moved into continuous delivery. Gaslight worked closely with E-BEAM to identify the most valuable features to build each week then E-BEAM tested the work.


“Our partnership with Gaslight was extremely valuable. The team engaged with us on a personal level and consistently delivered functional software we could test.”

Sam Strotman

COO, E-BEAM Services

Lightning Fast ROI


5 months from kickoff to 3-location launch


66% reduction in work order related errors and rework


Production reports in half the time

Driving Measurable Business Results

Our lean and agile approach to building custom software helped reduce this project’s risk and ensure we delivered software that drove real business results. The final system, named PRESTO, delivers value across the board.


All these benefits help the company track against its growth plan. A few months after implementing the system, E-BEAM’s customer service manager was able to go on a series of sales calls for the first time ever. Previously, she was too integral to scheduling and planning work to leave the office.

Rolling out the PRESTO system was almost as easy as flipping a light switch. The new system replaced all the old software’s functionality and data, so there was no need to run both systems in parallel. Staff described the new app’s user experience as simple and intuitive, and rollout to facilities in three different states required little-to-no training.

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