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Supply Chain | Apex

Apex focuses on supply chain technology, creating automated systems that take the pain out of inventory control. Instead of monitoring how many bolts or bandages your company uses manually, Apex creates high tech cabinets or large walk-in enclosures that automatically track what employees use through a variety of sensors.

We partnered with the company’s R&D team to help them bring new hardware ideas to life by creating the software to manage those devices. Our flexible, agile development process allowed us to help them try out ideas faster and build the final software in a fraction of the time it’s taken the company for similar projects in the past.

“Gaslight is very much in an agile mindset. They are very quick to develop code and very quick to develop new features.”

Ben Savage

VP of Innovation and Advanced Technology at Apex

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Our software helped drive four main types of sensors: digital scales, light sensors, locks and pushers (to move things on a shelf). If someone took three things off a shelf, for instance, we were able to translate that change in weight to automatically generate a report and even email someone when it’s time to re-order.

Automating Inventory

While typical software revolves around typing or clicking, this project focused on interacting with and reacting to actions in the physical world. Our software tracks and triggers a variety of physical movements and automatically translates those actions into meaningful inventory reports that streamline the re-ordering process.