What We Do

Discovery Sprint

So, you want to build custom software and think you’re ready to get started? Not so fast — all too often we meet people who say they want to start a project only to realize (a few minutes into the conversation) that they have a lot more questions than answers. That’s okay, we love questions! But starting a project before answering those key questions almost always leads to frustration and sadness; and nobody wants that.

What you can expect

A Sprint

A Discovery Sprint is just that, a sprint. We'll be moving fast in hopes to answer the pressing questions quickly and arrive at next steps so that we can start working on the solution.

Deep Dive

In order to find the right answers, we need to step off the deep end and get inside your head. That means spending a lot of time with you asking questions, getting feedback, and testing things out.

Next Steps

We'll come to the end of this thing with a plan for what's next. We'll know if custom software is the answer, have a pretty good idea of what it is that we need to build, and plan to get it done.

Ready to give the green light?

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