What We Do

Code Check Up

Do you know your current system could use some love but aren't sure what it will take to get you there? Let us take a look under the hood. We'll comb through your codebase, take some notes, and make a diagnosis. It may be a few minor tweaks to get you on the road to success, or it may be a major overhaul—we won't know until we dive in, so let's get going.

What you can expect


  • Access code base and test data
  • Set up and run app


  • Review code quality and complexity
  • Check development best practices
  • Evaluate stability and scalability


  • Look for built-in code tests
  • Run any existing tests
  • Inspect general usability and functionality


  • Overall code score
  • Detailed strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommended next steps

Ready to give the green light?

Let's Get Started