What We Do


Helping you successfully integrate high potential contributors into your team is right up our alley. The Gaslight apprenticeship program includes one mentor (senior level developer) and four developer apprentices that work elbow to elbow for 6 months to a year. We take care of recruiting and management of apprentices and on-site mentorship with one goal - to help them integrate and learn alongside your current tech team.

What you can expect


We find and evaluate high aptitude new software developers.

Hands-On Mentorship

Apprentices work on-site at your company with daily guidance from a Gaslight mentor.

Shipping Code

We embed this new team (mentor + apprentices) with yours to work on real projects and ship code.

Hiring Junior Devs

After six months, you have the option to hire apprentices full-time.

It's all in the details

Founder Chris Nelson explains how the program works in detail and what we've learned from a few years of apprenticing developers.

Trying to break into the field? Join us as an apprentice.

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