What We Do

Every step together is transparent so that our clients are in the best position to make good decisions.

We incorporate our clients and their teams into our workflow and process, providing a real-time understanding of the project’s progress. We ship software valuable features to our clients every week and build trust by educating our clients, telling the truth, and delivering value.

Our Approach

We whole-heartedly believe that we are better together—so much so that we made it one of our core values. That's why when we work for you, you work with us. We pride ourselves on forming partnerships with our clients. Not in some legal-beagle kind of way, though we guess we'd be open to that, too; but a true partnership where we are working together toward a common goal—to build the best solution for your users.

We prioritize open communication and active involvement from our clients—that's right, you're on this team, too! That's because we know software, you know your business, and our goal is to align the two in perfect harmony. That starts with a daily touchpoint, continues with tight feedback loops, and comes full circle with feature acceptance by—you guessed it—you!

  • Discover
  • Build
  • Validate
  • Repeat

Our Custom Services

No matter where you are in the product lifecycle—ideation, validation, discovery, execution, or just need some more man power to bring it home—we're here to help. Let us step into the process with you, we're excited to see what we can do together.

Code Check Up

Do you know your current system could use some love but aren't sure what it will take to get you there? Let us take a look under the hood. We'll comb through your codebase, take some notes, and make a diagnosis. It may be a few minor tweaks to get you on the road to success, or it may be a major overhaul—we won't know until we dive in, so let's get going.

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Design Sprint

You have a problem and you know how to solve it, but aren't sure how to bring it to life. Let our designers help you think through your problem, map out your solution, visualize, and validate that we know what we're getting into—all before writing a single line of code. We'll start with a deep dive and end with a blue print of how to move forward, sound like a game plan?

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Discovery Sprint

So, you want to build custom software and think you’re ready to get started? Not so fast — all too often we meet people who say they want to start a project only to realize (a few minutes into the conversation) that they have a lot more questions than answers. That’s okay, we love questions! But starting a project before answering those key questions almost always leads to frustration and sadness; and nobody wants that.

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Custom Software Development

Partner with our experienced design and development teams to build a new product or upgrade an existing app to transform your business. Following a lean and agile approach, we’ll help you get to market faster while creating software that scales for the future. Our sweet spot is software that drives process improvement, productivity gains and profit growth. Stage one kicks off with strategic planning, and stage two provides continuous delivery to build, test, refine and launch.

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Helping you successfully integrate high potential contributors into your team is right up our alley. The Gaslight apprenticeship program includes one mentor (senior level developer) and four developer apprentices that work elbow to elbow for 6 months to a year. We take care of recruiting and management of apprentices and on-site mentorship with one goal - to help them integrate and learn alongside your current tech team.

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Fast Forward Build

Need to move faster? Add speed, capacity and technical depth to your software development in an instant. It’s not easy to hire senior tech talent, or build software fast enough to keep up with business opportunities. We’ll help you hit the fast forward button with one of our experienced design and development teams. They’ll jump into planning and feature delivery and work side-by-side with your team, providing the process and leadership to drive great results faster.

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