Working with State in Ember

If you’re moving from server side development to user interface development with Ember, managing state can be challenging. It’s common to store state in different parts of your application, but how well do you understand these different states?

We’ve put together a course with four short videos (less than 10 minutes each) that cover persisted state, routing state, controller state, and item controllers. This knowledge will help you avoid bugs and simplify your code.

In this Ember tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • When to use routes, controllers, and data models to store state
  • How to focus on the “source of truth” to avoid buggy user interfaces
  • Techniques to keep application state out of your data models
  • How to reason about data flows through an Ember application


Mitch Lloyd

Mitch Lloyd is a freelance software developer and a former developer at Gaslight. He works with both frontend and backend technology, and brings a deep empathy for users to all his work. Mitch has spoken at WindyCityRails and taught a class in Ruby on Rails at Northern Kentucky University.