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What you can expect


We find and evaluate high aptitude new software developers.

Hands-On Mentorship

Apprentices work on-site at your company with daily guidance from a Gaslight mentor.

Shipping Code

We embed this new team (mentor + apprentices) with yours to work on real projects and ship code.

Hiring Junior Devs

After six months, you have the option to hire apprentices full-time.

What you can gain

Our apprenticeship program is not self-serving - our goal is to help cultivate new software developers to contribute to your business from the beginning. After we mentor them and give them the tools they need to be successful, we send them off to bolster clients’ and partner company’s teams with budding talent. Our apprentices integrate themselves into your existing team to learn, grow, and contribute. By the end of the program, they will be contributing to your team as a cohesive and engaging unit. Apprentices make your whole team better by engaging those more experienced members to be continuously learning and growing. They bring a whole new perspective with them that is invaluable when collaborating and problem-solving.

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Strategic Planning

Hire For Potential, Not Current Capabilities

Although the starting point for an apprentice may be lower than that of a junior developer, the benefits to bringing on an apprentice are abundant. Our apprentices have progressed immensely over the 6 month program. With the help of our mentoring team, we can aid in the professional development of our apprentices so they are consistently growing, improving, and performing to their highest abilities. They may not be an expert on all the technology or programming languages your company uses (yet), but that’s the whole point of the program! We are striving to help you recruit, educate, and refine talented developers to fit your team and its needs. Our mentors work with the apprentices to give them the skills they need to deliver on a product.

Gaslight Mentors


Brian Bolte

Developer & Mentor


Chris Nelson

Apprenticeship Manager & Mentor


Tim Mecklem

VP of Development & Mentor

The Apprenticeship Model

6 months

1 experienced mentor

2-4 apprentices

Joining a team

Shipping real code

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