Dev Builders: The Gaslight Apprenticeship Program

Need full-time talent? We recruit and train developers from all over the country.

“Through the Apprenticeship program, we hired four developers. After working hand-in-hand with their Gaslight mentor for six months, they quickly became trusted team members and great full stack developers. The whole team enjoyed getting to bring people in and watch them learn and become the perfect fit for our team. It’s one of the best ways for us create new talent for Kroger.

Dominic Varacalli

Digital Software Development Manager at Kroger

Dev builders



We find and evaluate high aptitude new software developers.

Hands-On Mentorship

Hands-On Mentorship

Apprentices work on-site at your company with daily guidance from a Gaslight mentor.

Shipping Code

Shipping Code

We embed this new team with yours to work on real projects and ship code.

Hiring Developers

Hiring Junior Devs

After six months, you have the option to hire apprentices full-time.

Discover proven talent, vet devs to ensure right-fit, and build a steady pipeline of new hires. After six months of working together, the decision to hire (or not) is all yours.

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