How We Make Software

Our typical process for building or updating an app

A Custom Project Team

We'll assemble the right team members for your project.


Build and deploy the code behind your app.

User Interface Designer

Creates the look and feel of your app and keeps it easy to use.

Writer & Content Strategist

Identifies content needs and creates clear and compelling copy.

Relationship Manager

Works with you (the client) to keep the project aligned with your business goals.

You (the Client)

At least one person who dedicates half of each workweek (or more) to the project.


Clear, continuous communication

To foster planning and accountability, we have quick daily meetings — about 10 minutes — with the whole project team (client included). Typically, there’s a longer meeting once a week, too.

Part 1: Discovery

Timeline: A few days to a week

Define the Problem

A detailed discussion of the problem we’re trying to solve or goal we’re trying to achieve. Why is this app important to you? How does it relate to strategic business goals? What have you already done?

Define the User

Create personas that describe the different groups of people who will interact with the software. We’ll outline their goals, motivations, job tasks and key traits.

Begin Release Planning

It’s not necessarily a formal written document, but we generally create a release plan (often within project management software) that roughly outlines what we’ll build.


Design + Code = Happier Software

We often say we like to have designers and developers holding hands. They work side-by-side to make every element of your app cohesive and successful.

Part 2: Kick Off Design & Build

Timeline: A few days to a week

Design the Experience

Timeline: Ongoing for length of project

Design a style guide for the app’s main components: colors, buttons, navigation, forms, etc. Work to create a successful user experience, so people move through your app’s features with ease.

+ +

Build a Tech Foundation

Timeline: A few days

The development team makes key technology decisions (platform, architecture, etc.) and sets up the development environment. Then they dive right into building the first software features.


Testing, Testing!

We’re focused on building technologically sound apps. That means we constantly build and run automated tests to make sure your software does what it should.

Part 3: Building Features

Timeline: A few days to a week per feature

Develop a Feature

Launch Test Version

Gather Feedback



Ship Early, Ship Often

There’s no way to know exactly what you want until we start building. So expect mini launches all along the way to test out your new software.

Part 4: The Finish Line

During the final lap, we’ll work with you to push your software live and create plans for future upgrades. And help you choose the right option to maintain your app:

A Monthly Retainer Agreement for Ongoing Support

Hourly Support on an As‑Needed Basis

Consulting Time to Help You Hire the Right Staff Person to Maintain Your App

Training to Help Your Existing IT or Development Staff Do Maintenance