Zack Kayser


Zack’s journey to development began halfway around the world. It all started in his final year at Miami University, where he was then finishing up his B.S. in Economics. He had been accepted to numerous law schools but decided first to take a gap year to travel overseas.

While living in Japan, he found that he wanted to extend his stay. During his free time, he started learning the language and after three years he scored almost perfectly on the highest level Japanese proficiency test. Shortly after, Zack was offered a position as an in-house translator, where he translated Japanese legal and contractual documents to English.

It was while translating technical documentation that software development started catching his eye. He started with an iOS development class through the University of Toronto and then started work as a freelance translator. When he realized how much time he spent doing software projects on the side, he decided to make a full-time career of it. That’s when he stumbled upon Gaslight’s Apprenticeship Program. He worked as a developer apprentice at Plxis before joining Gaslight’s developer team.

Zack brings an aura of fierce optimism and excitement to Gaslight’s culture. You’ll never see him turn down an opportunity to learn, but if he had to choose one thing that he’s excited about learning it would be Elixir. He thoroughly enjoys the creative part of development and having the ability to make things that people can actually use to improve their lives.

Zack loves seeing different parts of the world through travel. Since he’s spent most of his adult life in Japan, he’s trekked throughout the country and many other countries in east and southeast Asia. His favorites so far are Singapore and Malaysia.

Surprising Fact About Zack

Zack once won a Teacher of the Month award in Japan’s Chubu (central) region.

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