Tyler Shipe


Tyler kicked off his professional career in finance at Fidelity, but his job there rekindled a lifelong passion for technology. He started playing around with Python to automate parts of his job, and along the way, he discovered Dev Bootcamp. Tyler decided to quit his finance job and move from Northern Kentucky to Chicago for an intensive 12-week Ruby on Rails Course.

The big leap paid off. Tyler kicked off a programming career that led him back to greater Cincinnati, and eventually, Gaslight. Today Tyler works closely with our clients to build innovative digital products. He’s involved with everything from planning out a new app to prioritizing and building features in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and AngularJS. He loves the problem solving aspect of his job most and describes himself as a math geek.

Previously, Tyler worked as a junior developer at Top Gun Sales Performance, where he worked on internal apps as well as the company’s sales consulting tools. He holds bachelor’s degrees in finance and business from the University of Kentucky.

Tyler lives in Edgewood, Kentucky, where you might find him running or trying out unique cooking methods. Right now he’s really into smoking meat.

Surprising Fact About Tyler

He's a certified open water scuba diver, which has inspired trips to St. Thomas, Barbados, Turks and Caicos, and other enviable locations.

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