Tim Mecklem

Development Manager

Tim has a passion for people. Gaslight has highly self-motivated employees, and as a manager, Tim views his role to be more coach, less supervisor. Tim loves to encourage people around the office, and he brings his full creative energy when he’s crafting ways to help people achieve their goals and feel respected and appreciated.

While Tim enjoys his role as a development manager, he also puts his full energy into being on a project team as well as engaging in numerous side projects. He enjoys solving business problems with and without software and has a breadth of knowledge in various languages, frameworks, and stacks. Tim has fallen for Elixir as a language most recently and is doing all kinds of interesting things with Elixir, Phoenix, and was previously a Nerves core team member.

Tim first discovered computers playing Pac-Man as a kid, but those games on the family PC gave him nightmares. He dreamed about hitting the wrong key and ending up trapped inside the computer with Super Mario, who was smashing everything to bits. Those nightmares gave him an early motivation to learn how computers work, and many years later, he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Cincinnati.

Tim has spoken at several conferences, keynoted Lonestar ElixirConf 2018, and has also been a trainer. Although he has great anxiety about talking in front of people, he believes we all have important things to share with each other so he faces that fear. Today Tim lives in Landen with his wife, two kids, and two dogs. He loves tiny computers, 3D printing, and running.

Surprising Fact About Tim

Tim and his sister spent their childhood summers playing Ping Pong on roller skates in the basement of the church where their dad worked.

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