Tim Mecklem

Development Manager

Tim brings an impressive depth and breadth of experience to Gaslight’s development team. He’s done everything from new product development in Java to research and development work in Rails to leading iOS projects.

He credits the switch from Java to mobile for changing the entire way he thinks about development. Those tiny screens gave Tim an appreciation for simplifying workflows that he applies to every application. He’s also a big proponent of shipping the minimum viable solution and rapidly iterating while gathering user feedback.

Before joining Gaslight, Tim spent most of his career working at a large medical company called Quest Diagnostics. He played a leadership role in a number of major projects, including a mobile electronic health records application and a lab results application. He also spent several years at Tellus, an ecommerce development company, doing C# work.

Tim first discovered computers playing Pac-Man as a kid, but those games on the family PC gave him nightmares. He dreamed about hitting the wrong key and ending up trapped inside the computer with Super Mario, who was smashing everything to bits. Those nightmares gave him an early motivation to learn how computers work, and many years later, he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Cincinnati.

Today Tim lives in Landen with his wife, two kids and two dogs. He loves running and has completed the full Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon twice and the half-marathon once.

Surprising Fact About Tim

Tim and his sister spent their childhood summers playing Ping Pong on roller skates in the basement of the church where their dad worked.

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