Peter Kananen


Peter touches every project that moves through Gaslight. He tracks the happiness of teams and clients, always trying to provide just enough support and guidance to keep things headed in the right direction. When he’s not talking to clients about projects or strategy, Peter handles scheduling and capacity for our internal teams. He also builds features for our team app, where we track the health of projects.

After growing up in Brighton, Michigan, Peter headed to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, and earned a degree in computer science. A job at Pillar Technology Group brought him to Cincinnati, and he spent his days building Java applications for major banking and insurance clients. Eventually, he created iPhone apps for those same industries and spoke at CocoaConf several times.

Peter came to Gaslight after an out-of-the-blue phone call from former Pillar colleague Chris Nelson: Do you want to come to Gaslight and learn Ruby? Peter had just bought a house, but despite the risky nature of joining a start-up, he took the plunge and said yes. He spent those early days at Gaslight learning Ruby and embracing the agile software development movement.

Today Peter lives in Oakley with his wife and two kids. He enjoys staying in shape, growing vegetables, brewing beer and hanging out with his family.

Surprising Fact About Peter

He has a 7-foot boa constrictor named Cocoa.

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