Lauren Woodrick

UX Designer

At Gaslight, Lauren designs and builds everything from user interfaces to cool animating illustrations that show off our development process. She’s always focused on creating designs that communicate with clarity and succinctness. But she also likes to add touches of fun and humor that bring happiness to users.

Lauren earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. During school, she completed design co-ops at F&W Media, Northlich and Kaleidoscope. She joined Kaleidoscope full-time after graduating and created user interfaces for medical testing devices. Most recently, she worked as a designer at Neo, where she began building out her work with HTML and CSS.

Lauren lives in Covington with her husband. Right now they’re concepting a new board game together called Golden Parachute, where players have to extract as much money as possible from a failing company before it goes belly up.

Surprising Fact About Lauren

Lauren once played the video game Mass Effect 2 for 24 hours straight.

Team Gaslight