Jon Prell


Jon has always been fascinated by technology and its impact. He taught himself how to build a PC when he was in middle school, and remembers spending too much time tinkering with mod tools and writing custom scripts for video games. This translates well into the work he does at Gaslight, where complex problems require some degree of tinkering.

Before working as a developer, Jon focused on building a career in occupational health and safety while his passion for tech remained a hobby. While working as a safety professional, he found himself spending too many hours per week working with cumbersome enterprise software to generate routine safety reports, and recognized that there should be an automated software solution. Jon decided to learn how to code and picked up the book “Automate the Boring Stuff Using Python.” It wasn’t long until Jon discovered a true passion for writing code and began to consider a new career. He discovered the apprenticeship program while attending the Coffee and Conversation meet-up one Friday at Gaslight. This led to a position as an apprentice and eventually a full-time spot at Gaslight.

Jon has a M.S in Safety, Security, and Emergency Management and a B.S in Homeland Security from Eastern Kentucky University, but spends most of his time today studying JavaScript, namely React.js and Node. He lives in Newport, Kentucky with his better half, Leandra, their dog Charlie, and cat Leo, who all enjoy spending time exploring Cincinnati, playing video games, or stargazing with their telescope - except Leo, who spends his time creeping on people from the top of his cat tower.

Surprising Fact About Jon

Jon officiated his friends' wedding at the Louisville Science Center

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