Jon Egeland


Jon has always been fascinated by the world of computers and software and figuring out how it all works. This fascination led him to take programming classes in high school, and ultimately study Computer Science at Purdue University with a specialization in Programming Language Design.

While in college, he landed a coveted internship position at Apple, where he worked on the OS X Product Release Team, and another at Xerox, where he developed a metrics platform that made reporting easier for employees. Jon credits both of these experiences for reinforcing his passion to write software that helps people be more productive, efficient, and happy while they work.

In his free time, Jon enjoys doing speedruns of various video games, often streaming them to Twitch. He’s also put his CS background to good use, writing software and helping to organize online speedrunning events like The 1545 and Spyrothon.

Jon has also recently taken his interest in programming languages to a new level, working on a new language called Myst. Following his motto of “making people’s work more enjoyable”, he hopes to make a language that empowers users with flexibility, simplicity, and control.

Surprising Fact About Jon

Jon enjoys going on long, spontaneous drives. He once drove nearly 3 hours away just to sit in a coffee shop for an afternoon and get some work done.

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