John Stamates


John Stamates is a lover of travel and learning new things. It was this love that inspired him to leave his corporate life in the automotive industry and create Milkrun, a webapp that helps dual income families improve the efficiency of grocery shopping. As part of his startup journey, he rekindled a love for programming and that's what led him to his current position as Developer at Gaslight.

Before he received his BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Miami University, John swam competitively for 13 years and was All-American in high school. He still swims, but in the privacy of his own backyard now with his wife and three children. Before expanding their family, John and his wife had the opportunity to visit all seven continents. Part of this journey was a three and a half month trip in Oceania and Southeast Asia where he proposed to his now wife.

Surprising Fact About John

John swam on 5 of the 7 continents and Antarctica was one of them!

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