Jimmy Lauzau


Jimmy’s interest in computers emerged at a very young age. There are even photographs of him pounding away at computers as a toddler. He discovered web development in third grade, and many years later it became a career.

Jimmy grew up in Columbus and later earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. He followed his wife, Lauren, to Cincinnati and started getting acquainted with the tech community.

Before joining Gaslight, Jimmy worked for Ahology, doing front-end JavaScript development using Ember.js. He also organized the Cincinnati Ember.js Meetup. Prior to working in the startup scene, Jimmy did full-stack ASP.Net MVC development. Jimmy now looks forward to learning new technologies and soft skills on a wide variety of projects here at Gaslight.

Jimmy lives in Anderson with his wife, Lauren, and daughter, Abby. Outside of software development, he’s also passionate about biking with both his mountain and road bikes.

Surprising Fact About Jimmy

Jimmy can wheelie a mountain bike for 50 yards on a good day, and even longer on a great one.

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