Jeremy Kahne


Jeremy Kahne believes that attentiveness is essential to being a good developer. This means listening to the needs of others and ensuring that the final product is usable, friendly, and stable.

Before coming to Gaslight, Jeremy worked on complex projects where he empowered and grew teams of developers. At Everything But The House, he worked on a workflow system, shipping strategy, and overhauled the category infrastructure. And at Scrip-Safe, he led a team to substitute slow-moving processes with light-weight effective ones.

Jeremy graduated from Muskingum University in 2002 with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics and a minor in Art and Design.

Jeremy has a knack for continuous learning. You can always count on him for the best book recommendations on a wide range of topics. He also likes to spend his free time sketching, camping, hiking, and playing with his feisty cat, Firelord Ozai, Phoenix King.

Surprising Fact About Jeremy

He didn’t have a sense of smell until he was 35 yrs old. And then he lost it after 2 months.

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