James Taylor


James Taylor is a self-described business nerd (actually, he uses the phrase “big friggin’ nerd”). He loves digging into finance, operations, org charts and more to help organizations solve tough problems and achieve ambitious goals.

He brings all these skills and interests to play as CEO of Gaslight. James works on everything from corporate strategy and innovation down to finer details like budgets and individual performance metrics. He’s always looking to achieve results through focus and execution.

This road-tested approach comes from experience he has gained working as a Senior Project Leader at Amend Consulting, as well as previous business and consulting roles at Itelligence, Inc., and NewPage Corporation. James holds a MBA, Business Administration, from Xavier University and a BS, Entrepreneurship, from Miami University.

When he’s not knee deep in numbers, you might find him playing ping pong or having a dance party with his wife and two young sons. And, yes, he receives a lot of jokes and swag about that other famous James Taylor.

Surprising Fact About James

James has known his wife since he was 11 and she was 8. They married a week after he graduated from Miami University.

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