James Smith

Development Manager

James was so captivated by development that he worked his way through one of his high school’s only two programming books. It focused on Pascal, and since he didn’t have the expensive software necessary to make Pascal run on his computer, he’d write programs by hand on paper then go back through the book to double-check his syntax.

At Gaslight you’ll find him in front of his Mac, writing Web apps in Ruby and JavaScript. He loves using his creativity to solve problems with code and watch software take on a life of its own after the initial development process. He’s also our office expert on Elixir and gave a talk at the first-ever ElixirConf.

James is largely a self-taught developer and got his start in technology when he joined Cincinnati Christian University’s IT department while still a student. Around 2007, he discovered Ruby and spent six months learning the language as he discovered the Cincinnati Ruby community. Eventually, he landed a full-time Ruby job at Meyer Tool, an aerospace company. In 2010, James became employee number one (after the co-founders) at Gaslight.

He lives in Amelia, Ohio, with his wife, two sons and a red Australian cattle dog named Mila. While he considers programming both a job and a hobby, James also describes himself as a serial gamer and outdoor lover.

Surprising Fact About James

He grew up with a water fountain in the kitchen, because his dad got tired of washing so many glasses.

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