Dewayne Greenwood


Dewayne’s favorite thing about Gaslight: He feels just as comfortable in the office as he does at home. Dewayne turns high level business strategy into day-to-day success with his main focus on guiding everything to do with revenue generation.

At the start of his career, Dewayne worked in banking. His experience across multiple banks was wide ranging from starting a direct mortgage loan call center to turning around underperforming markets, to eventually leading sales teams as a manager. Despite his success, Dewayne always wanted to start his own business, and eventually purchased an ice cream franchise with friends.

The ice cream business didn’t work out as planned, but Dewayne’s next job as a systems analyst at a digital document company is where he met one of his future Gaslight partners, Bill Barnett. Dewayne still remembers signing the LLC papers for Gaslight while sitting in the front seat of Bill’s mini van.

Dewayne holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Sciences from Franklin University. When he’s not working, you'll probably find him hanging out with his wife and three sons. He loves listening to music, playing the guitar and singing.

Surprising Fact About Dewayne

Dewayne’s dad was in the Air Force, and he lived in England and Germany as a kid. He also has flown B-52, KC-135, DC8, DC9, and DC10 simulators. Even flew an F4 simulator once.

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