Chris Nelson

Apprenticeship Manager

Chris wants Gaslight to be the kind of place where he’d really want to work if he wasn’t already here. From the company’s start, he’s been passionate about creating the best place in the world to build things with technology. He’s always looking for ways to make software development easier and more enjoyable.

At Gaslight, Chris leads training, mentors developers and sets technology direction. What does he love most about his job? Sharing what he’s learned from nearly 20 years developing software across a wide range of industries. He’s given workshops across the country in AngularJS and Ember.js, and spent time teaching at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. He’s spoken at RailsConf, RubyConf, BackboneConf, JavaOne, HTML5 Developer Conference, No Fluff Just Stuff, CodeMash, OSCON and many others.

Chris first came to Cincinnati to study violin performance at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservancy of Music. But during his junior year, he switched over to computer science for a more practical career path. He started his career maintaining a corporate website in the early days of the Web. Then went on to work at consulting companies and program in Perl and Java. Around 2007, he started an independent consulting business and began working in Ruby.

When he’s not traveling to give workshops, Chris lives in Forest Park with his wife, four kids and three cats. He enjoys running and helping his daughter learn the violin.

Surprising Fact About Chris

When Chris was 6 years old, his favorite article of clothing was a pair of lederhosen.

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