Brian Kockritz

Apprentice Mentor

Brian has all the credits for a bachelors of science in neuroscience from University of Cincinnati but never applied to get the degree. Instead, he became a software developer and got to work on some pretty cool projects like building interactive kiosks for the Cincinnati Art Museum using React.

Now at Gaslight, he not only continues to develop exciting projects but also new talent. As an Apprentice Mentor, he works with apprentices one on one. He also leads incoming apprentice interviews, conducts book clubs, creates coding exercises, and pairs apprentices with best-fit team members to maximize the learning potential of everyone’s experience.

At home, Brian can be found listening to music, experimenting with his VR headset, hanging with his doggo, Theo, or planning his upcoming wedding with his fiancé.

Surprising Fact About Brian

Brian possesses a pair of ill-fitting sweatpants worn by Colin Farrell during a movie shot in Cincinnati.

Team Gaslight