Alex Heflin


Alex brings lots of life to the Gaslight office. She’s always the first one to volunteer when someone needs a helping hand and loves to encourage people. You’ll also find that she’s always the #1 fan of the nearest dog.

Alex first came to Gaslight as a college co-op, and the company felt so much like home that she stayed on as a part-time developer when classes started back up again. A second co-op went just as well, so it was a no-brainer to offer Alex a full-time job as a developer.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Design from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP). But on any given day at Gaslight, you’ll find her knee deep in code. She’s a pro at JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and immersing herself in React.js and Rails.

When she was younger, Alex customized her MySpace page, but she didn’t realize she was actually playing around with computer code until she went to college. Originally, she wanted to be a graphic designer but quickly found herself drawn to the structure and analytical nature of programming.

Alex lives in Cheviot with her boyfriend and two dogs, Zoey and Nora, and she loves live music, dogs, gaming and comic books. The Sandman comic book series is her all-time favorite.

Surprising Fact About Alex

Alex and a friend once hung out with the lead singer of the Misfits after a show. The conversation revolved around NFL football.

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