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Featured Event

Kids Tech Day

10:00am, Saturday, December 7

Come on out for a fun filled day of kids' technology stuff! (age 6-8) Build a device to control the force like Luke Skywalker, create snowflakes like Elsa, and create a light show. Your child will learn several of the foundational principles of coding like defining objects, creating variables, and arranging code blocks. Using kits from Kano your child will program magical things and show off their work. (age 9-12) Light LEDs like a christmas tree and build a Mindstorm robot to do your bidding. Your child will learn to build real live hardware and learn several key programming principles. Using Lego Mindstorm Kits and Arduino boards, each kid will show off their building and coding skills. We will also have several stations for other fun stuff like a marshmallow tower competition! Donuts, pizza, snacks and beverages will be provided. We require at least one parent or guardian per sibling group. Age range for this event is 6-12.

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