Developer Apprenticeship

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Our DevBuilders apprentice program is designed to match client companies looking to build a development team with enthusiastic, high aptitude beginning developers looking for an opportunity to enter the field of software development.

Traits of a DevBuilders Apprentice

  • You recently completed a coding bootcamp (or have a similar experience level)
  • Are self-taught and looking to work your way into full-stack development
  • Just graduated with a traditional computer science degree and want hands-on coding experience.

About the program

This is a 6 month paid apprenticeship designed to take you from entry level to productive developer. You'll be working with other apprentices: we've found that developers work best in pairs. An experienced Apprentice Mentor will be working closely with you to help you launch into your software development career. We'll work closely with the client to identify tasks that are the right size for you and the other apprentices to tackle. You'll be doing important, valuable work, but at a pace that allows you to learn along the way.

The selection process

What we've learned from two years of apprenticeship is that enthusiasm and aptitude make the most difference in how likely an apprentice is going to be successful. The aim of the selection process is assess those factors. Here's what the process looks like:

  1. We'll invite you to one of our Apprenticeship Info sessions. These are a way for us to get to know you, and for you to get all your questions about apprenticeship answered.
  2. You will complete the Math and Logic Challenge. This will help us assess how you'll do as we throw an immense amount of new concepts at you and ask you to apply them.
  3. We'd like to see something you've built. We're not expecting something super complicated, but we'd like to see a basic web app with instructions for getting it running. Use whatever programming language and tech stack you are most comfortable with! Email us your submission when you are ready.
  4. We'll bring you in for a pair programming session where we work together on adding a feature to the application you built.
  5. If this goes well, we'll actively be looking to add you to an apprentice team for a client. The schedule for when we ramp up apprentice teams is driven by client opportunities. We'll clearly communicate what we know about the timeline as it develops.

To apply, click here. Once you submit an application, you will receive an email with your next steps!


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