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Gaslight offers Small Mighty Teams to help you solve your custom software problems. When we say small and mighty, we don’t mean like a small dog with a big bark. We’re talking about cross-functional teams that can operate quickly, efficiently, and effectively through product development. Our Small Mighty Teams know that software isn’t the goal - the end objective is to drive revenue, increase efficiency, reduce risk, and unlock potential for your organization. By partnering with Gaslight, we can help you elevate your digital products by helping your team navigate the digital domain with custom software solutions.

Strategic Planning

Delivering Value to Reach Your Milestones

Your Small Mighty Team is optimized for one thing - continually delivering value to achieve the software milestones on your strategic plan. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of approach. Each cross-functional team differs from the last to bring the best group together to create the right solutions. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and their teams so we can provide the optimum solutions, support, and sustainable growth opportunities possible.

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Together We’re Better with Our Clients

When choosing our mighty members, we select members from both parties to create the most collaborative environment possible. Our contribution is designers and developers that are the right fit for the project, have the ideal expertise to solve the specific problem, and bring the solution to product development. What we provide in the partnership is simple: consulting and solutions in UX design, concepting, development, and technical leadership to work directly with you. From your team, we look for an individual with the authority to make decisions and the expertise to guide us along the way. More important than the team members themselves is how they work together - if they can’t work as a cohesive unit, then that’s a collaboration that won’t work for us or you.

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Teams that Continually Deliver Value

At Gaslight we pride ourselves on having a team that’s up to snuff and will always go the distance for our clients. We’re developers, designers, consultants, and creatives at heart that are passionate about solving problems and delivering solutions. A partnership with Gaslight includes consultation and technical direction so we can work together to find the best solution for you. With our agile product development practices, we can ensure that our team will continuously deliver custom software solutions that fit the needs of your business. Our Small Mighty Teams are what they appear to be - a team effort.

Built for the Long Haul

We’re not here for a one-and-done partnership. We’re here to help you build better digital products that can solve your problem, not just band-aid it. Our goal is simple: to learn your customer journey and how we can incorporate your business goals along the way. We want to be your partner because we truly are better together. Together we can create solutions that can change how your customers interact with your business offerings and improve your product service.


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