CinciJS - How I Learned Ember with Jeremy Mack

A look at how I learned Ember over the last nine months. I’ve helped launch a west coast startup and created a data-driven internal application for a large company. I’ll cover reference materials I’ve used. Documentation lookup techniques that have served me well. Code snippets that Ember made it really easy to write. I will be answering questions afterward that match this regex /is ember (good ready hard faster stronger)/ with the response “Yes, shut up”.

About Jeremy

Jeremy’s passion is staying up-to-date with programming trends. He spends an average of four hours a day in his “Hacker Chamber”. The chamber is a bespoke metallic cocoon that verbalizes Hacker News comments at 4,300 word per minute; Jeremy’s most comfortable listening speed. When not in the cocoon, Jeremy spends large amounts of his day customizing his Vim configuration to better enable him to write, his average, seven lines of code a day. Currently, Jeremy is infatuated with Ember, a JavaScript framework for writing ambitious web applications. He still enjoys the company of Ruby on Rails and enjoys occasional long weekends with CoffeeScript.

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