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Navigating the Imposter Syndrome as a Junior Developer

Throughout my short time as a software developer, I have been faced with challenges that I suspected were unique to my experience. I had a pretty traditional start to my development career; I enrolled in a large state school for software engineering, joined various coding and technical clubs, and earned...

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Pros and Cons of Full-Time Staffing vs Digital Product Agency

You’re ready to hire a developer! Great job! You’ve done all the work to convince your boss there’s a need for custom software. You put all the pieces in place to get a budget approved to hire and figure out where they’ll go and what they’ll do. Hiring developers is...

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As we continue working remotely through stay-at-home orders of COVID-19, we’re staying connected with some virtual fireside chats to learn and share more about each other. Today, get to know Chris Anderson!

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's Alex Tuley

Come join us while we navigate working remotely through the social and economic changes of COVID-19. We’re staying connected through our virtual fireside chats and learning more about each of our team members, today being Alex Tuley!

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We Built This Thing Called Geo Racer

This past summer, several colleagues and I spent our fleeting lunch hours brainstorming, planning, and working to build a multiplayer geolocation-based racing game. We chose this idea after going back and forth on a list of over 30 app concepts. A group of our designers and developers story mapped the...

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So, this is part two following a post I wrote about Why We Prefer Small Mighty Teams we we looked at why the size and make up of a team is important. My goal here is to look at some other tactics we use to up the mighty-ante. The cool...

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