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Teams that Hack Together are Better Together

I am too old to work all weekend! It was 48 hours of junk food, ignoring my family, staring at screens, thinking through complex problems, and just enough sleep to keep working. Competing in the 2020 Spawnfest, a 48 hour Beam development competition, was exhausting and yet extremely rewarding. This...

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Fireside chats with Gaslight's Ben McGrath

On this week’s fireside chat we have Ben, another cool story of how he found his way into development!

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How to add autoprefixer to an Elixir Project (with webpack)

As a whole, we’re really beginning to see Phoenix and Elixir gain some serious traction in the market. An increasing number of our projects are utilizing all that it has to offer—it’s really cool to see new technologies begin to take hold and stand on their own, and to be...

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Recap: Cincinnati Javascript | DIY a11y by Gerald Fullam

This video is from the Cincinnati JavaScript User Group Meetup (link that to, a community organized meetup that we co-hosted. You can make a difference today without having to memorize the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines first. Gerald Fullam, an accessibility enthusiast, he’ll show you how to develop for accessibility...

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Best ways to improve your coding skills

So, you’ve picked up an interest in programming. Maybe you’ve completed a few walkthrough tutorials, started a code boot camp, or are just trying to hone in on your basic skills. You still find that the majority of the workflow and code creation is not yet natural to you. How...

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Looking to start programming, try this…

Whenever someone is looking to learn a programming language, the usual questions are: “What language should I choose?”, “Where should I start?”, and “What are some good resources to use?”. “What language should I choose?” This question is typical for someone looking to start in programming and the simple answer...

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