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Backbone.js Views Done the Right Way

As soon as you build an interesting application in backbone, one of the challenges you are likely to encounter is wanting to have composite views, or views that are contained within a larger view. I’ve solved this problem several ways in different projects and I thought it would be fun...

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Pryme Time

I’ve been trying to expand my ruby toolset. The other day I had thirty minutes to try out ruby-debug and failed. I couldn’t get it operational, and I ended up here in a sad state of affairs. How could the ruby debugger be languishing in the latest ruby versions? I...

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OS X Spring Nuking

Sometimes you just get fed up with your broke-ass environment and you need to start over. Despite best intentions, you temporarily lose your vigilance, and you end up with macports and homebrew on your machine at the same time. Strange poltergeists creep into your machine and start warning you about...

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Real Views with Draper

I recently latched on to a tweet thread that was originated by Michael Guterl (@mguterl), in which he expressed his frustration with view helpers and erb in rails. The frustration was echoed by others, and being somewhat new to Rails, I can’t say that I’ve personally felt much pain first...

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Customer Written Cukes

…and why they’re awesome. Or not. On one of our more recent projects, we were given an entire suite of customer written Cucumber features. We’ve toyed with Cucumber in the past, but this was the first time we’ve actually implemented Cukes on a customer project. I thought I’d take a...

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World Congress of Engineering Asset Management

We have been working with Assetricity implementing the MIMOSA Common Conceptual Object Model information standard for operations and maintenance. This year the WCEAM was held here in Cincinnati. I was able to attend the Interoperability for Asset Management workshop for the last couple of days. While there we ratified the...

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