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Easier Backbone form views with Backtastic

Over the last couple of years, we at Gaslight have built a lot of web applications that consist of a Backbone.js front end talking to a rails backend. Backbone.js is lightweight and relatively un-opinionated, and this is a large reason it’s been so successful. But this also means that there...

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Gaslight Podcast #2: Consensus Decision-Making and Turbo Links with Steve Klabnik

Your browser does not support the audio element. To our delight, Steve Klabnik joins us on the second Gaslight podcast. We learned about his passion for text-based adventure games at a young age and why “people problems” are more interesting than “technical problems” when developing software. We also discuss how...

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Forms and JSON in iOS

Over the last six months we’ve been building an application for a client in the agricultural industry. There was a need to use portions of the application on an iPad literally out in the field. The app also needed to be location- aware, allow offline access, and to be able...

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Gaslight Podcast #1: Client-Side Development with Chris Nelson

Your browser does not support the audio element. In this inaugural episode of the Gaslight Podcast Kevin Rockwood and I discuss client-side development with Chris Nelson. We also talk about Mastering Backbone, Chris’ class for beautiful client-side code, and get a sneak peek at his upcoming talk at RubyConf. Mastering...

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The Correct Cucumber Regex for Matching Text in Quotes

What’s the correct regular expression to use for matching text within quotes of a Cucumber step? I argue that It’s not the one suggested by Cucumber itself. If I run a step missing step: When I click "Edit" Cucumber will suggest: When /^I click "(.*?)"$/ do |arg1| pending # express...

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CocoaPods and You: A Primer for the Uninformed

I’d been meaning to actually build something worthwhile with iOS since I first heard about the SDK. A few months ago, we started work on a client project that was going to start out life as a mobile web application and evolve in to a native app. Peter was interested...

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